Sunday, November 29, 2009

Truth cannot be denied

Truth prevails whenever it confronts fallacy, for falsehood cannot stand fact. Now for a fact. No one with a heart can excuse abortion once they’re exposed to its reality. To prove this point let me present Abby Johnson, for whom reality and conscience collided in a big way.

Abby’s now the target of a Planned Parenthood restraining order. Of course, anyone who protests outside an abortion clinic will draw the ire of Planned Parenthood. But Abby isn’t the typical pro-life activist. She is an abortion industry insider. Until recently, Abby Johnson worked at the Planned Parenthood facility in Bryan, Texas. While there she helped women receive the 60 to 80 abortions that the clinic performed each month. Those abortions are, according to Johnson, the most lucrative service the clinic renders.

But Planned Parenthood has a problem; a picture is worth a thousand words. Ms. Johnson’s outlook changed when the wonders of the ultrasound allowed her to witness an abortion firsthand. She knew right away that she was in the wrong line of work. Abby is now associated with the Coalition for Life and pickets the clinic where she once facilitated abortion.

“When I was working at Planned Parenthood I was extremely pro-choice,” Johnson told “I would say there was a definite conversion in my heart . . . a spiritual conversion.”

King Solomon, writing in Ecclesiastes, recognized that neither the wise nor the fool could escape error. But that in itself doesn’t make foolishness preferable or excusable. In Ecclesiastes 2:13 Solomon wrote, “I saw that wisdom is better than folly, just as light is better than darkness.”

Light’s presence is darkness’ elimination. So, too, will truth and wisdom repudiate falsehood and foolishness. Those who have given their time and efforts to defend life have long known this fundamental truth. We can now count Abby Johnson--a former Planned Parenthood, pro-abortion activist--in our number. Welcome aboard, Abby. And thank God!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Clinton is ignoring history. Will Democrats repeat it?

People who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. For example, collectivist policies have invariably produced poverty and misery. Yet they are routinely resurrected, each time with the empty promise that results will be different. Such is the circle we call history. It is simultaneously completed and renewed in an endless repetitive cycle.

However, this lesson appears lost on Bill Clinton and any congressional Democrat who heeds his latest advice. Or, it could simply reflect the arrogance of the megalomaniacal politician who thinks historically proven absolutes will change for them.

The former president had several interesting instructions for Democrats during a recent luncheon. On the topic of healthcare reform, he called it “an economic imperative” that even the coldest of hearts should support.

I suppose that’s true for the allegedly progressive mind. If government’s role doesn’t increase that might mean individual liberty will flourish. We certainly can’t have that, can we? This is also where Mr. Clinton loses his historical perspective.

Nationalized, socialized, centralized--whatever term you choose--medical care isn’t a magic potion that will conjure Utopia. Nations with collectivist healthcare practices experience longer waits for standard procedures than do Americans. Treatment is rationed, at least to a degree, and care standards are generally lower.

Meaningful healthcare reform means decreasing the government’s role, not expanding it. There’s more than enough government in healthcare and insurance right now. It is beyond naïve to think that another layer of bureaucracy will reduce costs a single penny. What it will do is shift escalating costs to a shrinking number of payers.

What will reduce healthcare and insurance costs are market forces and comparative shopping for health insurance and treatment. Voluntary exchange produces more and better goods and services, at a lower cost, than does government manipulation.

Clinton has chosen to ignore this history, or he has conveniently spun it out of context. He has also ignored the history of his own first term. He reminded Democrats that failing to “reform” healthcare in 1993 led to the Republican Revolution in 1994. But that’s only true in part. Healthcare reform was a piece of the GOP’s winning formula, just for a different reason than Clinton admits.

It wasn’t the administration’s failure to socialize medicine that sent congressional Democrats down in flames. It was their desire for socialization and the manner in which it was attempted that helped fuel the voter rebellion. But the prime reason for the Democrat’s 1994 destruction was gun control, from the Brady Bill to the so-called “assault weapon” ban. And Clinton himself blamed the NRA for the election results.

Clinton also claimed that the tea party protests are signs that Democrats are advancing their agenda. “The reason tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning,” said Clinton.

First of all, “tea-bagger” is a perfectly vulgar description of a sex act, which makes it apropos for someone who has conveniently forgotten his own personal history, like Bill Clinton. However, while Democrats have won recent elections, is their agenda really advancing?

Democrats are losing ground on Rasmussen’s generic congressional ballot and both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have high unfavorable numbers. Despite their majority status, Democrats aren’t moving their agenda much, if at all. Look at healthcare, cap and trade, Iraq and Afghanistan, or immigration. For a party with such sizeable congressional majorities they have precious little momentum.

Bill Clinton has ignored the history of his own administration and, in doing, has advised Democrats to repeat their 1994 implosion. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. But the question then becomes whether or not Republicans will repeat history and revisit their own free spending, big government ways.

I’d bet the farm on it. If there’s one thing at which politicians are adept it is ignoring and repeating history.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome your new neighbors

Roll out the welcome wagon; some new faces might soon move into your neighborhood. If you’re going to help these folks settle in--you know, show them some real down home hospitality--you should know something about them. Fortunately, I’m here to handle the introductions.

Meet John Montgomery. He is a convicted first-degree rapist sentenced to life in prison for having his way with a 15-year old girl. The rape occurred while he was on the lam, having escaped from a Guilford County (NC) prison where he was serving two years for breaking and entering and larceny. Let’s just say that John is no stranger to the slammer.

Be fair; don’t judge John in haste. Montgomery hasn’t been the worst of the worst behind bars. His only infractions, aside from the aforementioned escape, are quitting a community based program, weapon possession and creating an offensive condition. That last one is a bit unnerving. How bad does a person have to be to create an offensive condition inside a prison?

Let’s face it; John Montgomery is a sweetheart. You’re going to love him. I’ll bet you can hardly wait to see his moving van in the driveway next door?

Perhaps you would prefer Alford Jones? You might not have to worry about him raping your daughter. But you will have to worry about him killing her. Alford is a first-degree murderer. He killed William Turner with a shotgun blast to the chest on January 6, 1975 and has been a guest of the state ever since.

Jones is industrious; he’s been a busy man while in stir. Four times he has been cited for substance possession. And that’s the good news. He’s also committed an undefined violation of North Carolina law, been charged for fighting and has assaulted a fellow inmate with sexual intent. It’s doubtful that Alford is housed in the female correctional facility. So, like I said, the wife or daughter can sunbathe in the backyard with a care. You men might want to take notice, however. And he might just kill the whole lot of you.

Andrew Carter is a first-degree murderer who strangled his victim. But that’s not all; he can give you the best of both worlds. He’s two for the price of one, as it were. Andrew sexually molested his victim, too. Whether it was before or after the strangulation isn’t specified. Does it really matter? Maybe. But only in whether his scorecard reads simply homicidal maniac or includes necrophiliac, too.

Carter has also been busy behind bars. He has stolen from other inmates and been caught fighting twice. Also credited to Andrew is one count of provoking an assault and one count of making a verbal threat. Your new neighbor could be a big-mouthed, murdering pervert with an axe to grind who gets his jollies at the morgue. I’ll send him over for a get-to-know-you dinner.

The mild-mannered Perry Omega was convicted only of second-degree rape. Apparently, he entered the home where his victim and her children were sleeping. The victim awoke to find Perry standing over her. When she tried to run he knocked her down and raped her, at knifepoint, multiple times. Sounds sort of premeditated to me. But what do I know? I’m neither a lawyer nor a district attorney. Whatever the charge, he was once on death row.

Omega isn’t boring; you have to give him that. He has committed 18 infractions since he entered prison in 1977. Fighting, verbalizing threats, gambling, weapons, disobeying orders, profane language, general laziness, Perry Omega has tried it all. The party season is upon us. Don’t you know Perry would put the “festive” your festivities?

James Pone is only a second-degree murderer, meaning he intended only to rob taxi driver Neil Purdie in 1978. Pone really didn’t mean to hit Purdie in the head or shoot him in the chest. And I know Pone didn’t mean to leave the hapless cabbie to die in a pool of his own blood.

Pone hasn’t wasted his time in the big house, either. His infractions include fighting, gambling, interfering with prison staff, theft and what might be described as loan sharking. Well, he’s no worse than Bernie Madoff. Why waste his talents? When he’s released he can manage mortgage loans for Fannie Mae.

How about Willie Womble? Womble is surely a hard luck story. No doubt he was wrongly convicted and the shooting that put him in prison for “life” was an accident. Womble was jailed for the 1975 killing of Roy Bullock, who was shot once in the chest and twice in the mouth. Wow, three accidents occurring simultaneously. What are the odds? Talk about your bad luck. And that’s not the only trial Womble experienced. The robbery that was underway at the time of Bullock’s killing must’ve been an accident, too.

Misfortune followed Willie right through the prison gate. Since his incarceration he has been the innocent bystander to riots, fights and assaults. He was also unfortunate enough to have a Class B offense committed in his presence. Class B offenses run the gamut from drugs and property damage to sexual matters, assaults, weapons and arson. Talk about being born under an unlucky star. You’ll help Willie change his destiny, won’t you?

William Baggett, here’s a man who certainly deserves a third chance. Baggett is serving a life sentence for the premeditated murder of James Williams in 1976. But he began his prison career in 1968. That’s why he deserves a third chance; his second chance is all used up.

One thing is for sure. Baggett hasn’t wasted his time in prison. He has been involved in all sorts of extracurricular activity. Unauthorized boxing is his preferred hobby. Seven times he has been involved in some type of fight or assault. Other people’s property means nothing to him, either. And Baggett has also been cited for sexual acts. Oh well, everyone needs a pastime.

If you want your skin to crawl take a look at Willard Warren. This guy has “axe murderer” written all over his face. He’s got a leg up on it anyway. Warren is a former death row inmate who went to prison in 1976 for the murder of Leo Clark. Now, instead of enjoying the fruits of his labor, he could settle on a street near you. And don’t worry about him losing the nerve to kill. He’s racked up quite a list of substance possession violations while in jail. If any pesky qualities--say, conscience, compassion, or remorse--remain in Willard he can dull them pretty quick.

James Alford committed the premeditated rape and robbery of a woman in Winston-Salem, NC more than 30 years ago. If he is released he will be a registered sex offender. In all fairness, Alford hasn’t been quite as notorious in prison as some of the other inmates we’ve met. He might make a quiet and peaceful neighbor. He might be easy to overlook, to forget. But somehow I don’t think Alford’s victim has forgotten the time she spent with him.

James Johnson is another sweetheart. Yes, he too is serving a “life” sentence that doesn’t mean life. What’s life anyway, especially to someone convicted of premeditated murder? James Farley Hall went to his everlasting calling thanks to James Johnson. Furthermore, Johnson is a former death row inmate. Don’t bother asking how a convicted murderer can go from death row to serving less than half of a “life” sentence. You’ll just make your head hurt. And you can’t hold the past against him. That would be judgmental, and we can’t have that it today’s society.

One thing is certain. Johnson couldn’t have earned early parole credits for his good behavior. He has committed twenty-four infractions since he took up residence at the Graybar Apartments. Johnson has possessed banned substances, started fights, been found with weapons and had a little sex on the side. Reformed? Yes sir! He’s all set to be the guest speaker at Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity Church.

Just to look at Porter Manley you might think he’s a likely candidate for a second chance. His prison picture looks like a nice, graying, friendly sort of man. Maybe he’s just a little too friendly, especially when he robs you. You see, it wasn’t enough for Porter to take his victim’s money; he had to take his victim’s physical favors, too. You guessed it; Porter Manley is a rapist. In fact, his conviction was for rape and armed robbery. Just like Andrew Carter, Porter is his own two for one sale.

Since his incarceration he has tallied 11 prison infractions. Some are for substance possession. Some are for weapons violations. But most are for being a general malcontent. I guess, if you’re Porter Manley, you figure what can they do, put you in jail? If you have a loud, obnoxious neighbor on one side, Porter can provide you with a stereophonic experience.

Friends, if you think I’ve been far too harsh in my assessment of the men we’ve mentioned thus far, then I have a deal for you. Allow me to arrange your 17-year old princess’s prom date . . . with Kenneth Mathis. Mathis has been in the can since 1978, perhaps literally. He went to jail for forcing his victim, presumably a woman, into a wooded area where he proceeded to have a high old time. One problem, his “partner” wasn’t the least bit interested in Mathis. Therefore he was charged and convicted of first-degree rape, which proves that his wasn’t a heat of passion mistake.

Has Mathis reformed? Has prison rehabilitated him? Well, maybe, to a point. But not in a way that qualifies him for a job as scoutmaster. In April 1990, Mathis was cited for a sexual act. In June of 2000 he was again cited for a sexual act and a Class A offense, which could mean he kidnapped a fellow inmate or staff member or used a weapon to obtain said sex act. In December of 2005 he was reprimanded for assaulting an inmate with the intent of committing--can’t you guess?--a sexual act.

Let’s see, we have a convicted first-degree rapist who can’t keep his pants zipped in prison. Yeah, he’s reformed. He’s earned a new beginning. Now, what time will your little princess be ready for her date?

Faye Brown is in prison for the first-degree murder of a NC State Trooper following a bank robbery. She was discussed in a previous column so I’ll give her a break. I’m feeling generous at the moment.

John Martin, is he someone who deserves another opportunity? He was sentenced to life, yes. But his crime wasn’t premeditated, thus he was convicted of second-degree rape. The more lenient among us could consider Martin worthy of a break. After all, he didn’t plan the assault. Of course, planned or not the victim was just as raped as if Martin had stalked her all the way home from the supermarket. And the fact that he was 24 or 25-years old at the time proves that he understood what he was doing, premeditated or not.

It also seems that Martin has already used his second chance at freedom. In fact, he’s used his third chance. He got his second chance when he escaped from prison in 1995. The third opportunity came with his “unauthorized leave” in 2001. Frankly, I can only make an educated guess at the difference between an escape and an unauthorized leave. But in either case Mr. Martin wasn’t where he was supposed to be. Finally, 13 of his 20 prison infractions have been for substance possession.

It seems to me that John Martin has spent the last thirty-two years right where he belongs. But you’ll have to decide that for yourself. Feeling benevolent? If so, and if there’s a foreclosure in your neighborhood, put me in touch with your realtor. I’ll pass his number along to John.

Charles Lynch appears to be a different story. He doesn’t seem quite as nefarious as the other murderers and rapists whose “life” sentences are fulfilled somewhere short of life. His crime was second degree burglary. During his time in prison Lynch has received only three infractions, and none of those appear serious. Surely this man is a likely neighbor.

Don’t let your heart bleed for Chuck just yet. Let’s do the Paul Harvey routine. You know, the rest of the story? Lynch’s burglary conviction involved two counts, not just one. He also assaulted his victim with the intent to commit rape. He broke into the home alright, but the female victim wasn’t there. So Lynch, being a patient man, made himself comfortable and waited for her. He had also broken into another home and stolen a necklace. If that isn’t enough, he was suspected of nine other assaults.

Having a guy like Charles Lynch move in next door can drive property values down faster than a Barney Frank sub-prime lending program.

Here’s a guy that you’ll certainly want to take home to momma. Steven C. Wilson received “life” in prison for kidnapping and first-degree rape. It was proven, to the satisfaction of a jury, that Wilson made a conscious choice to abduct his victim and force that person into sexual activity. Oh, I left out one little detail; the victim was a nine-year old girl. Nine years old! Not only is Wilson a kidnapper and rapist, he’s a child molester to boot. Now that’s neighborly, don’t you think?

To confirm Wilson’s qualifications as a good houseguest, consider what he has been up to in the clink. Wilson was involved in 18 prison infractions between 1978 and 2001. Seven of those involved weapons, fighting or otherwise provoking contentious situations. Of his other 11 violations, one involved an offensive condition and another was for assaulting an inmate with sexual intent. Three more were for attempted Class B offenses.

According to the Inmate Booklet provided by the NC Division of Prisons, pages 11 and 12, a Class B offense can mean several things. Combining Wilson’s history with sexual matters and the fact that section B6 in the prison handbook defines a Class B offense as committing, inciting, or soliciting any sexual activity, you have to assume the worst.

Steven Wilson is a kidnapping, raping, child molesting pervert. And he could be moved in next door in time for Thanksgiving. Set an extra place at the table. After dinner he can watch the kids while you ladies chat and the guys watch football. Good deal!

Don’t let this next jewel of humanity fool you. Raymond Dull is anything but obtuse. You could say he’s very exciting. Ray has seen a lot of things in his life, like 33 years in the tank and the business side of death row. He’s witnessed the fear in a woman’s eyes as he kidnaps her at knifepoint and forces her to drive to an unknown destination. He’s seen that face change from fear to the blank realization of the inevitable when he holds that knife against her skin and does God knows what.

Do you feel sorry for Raymond? Do you empathize with his plight? Okay, let him bunk with your wife until he finds a place of his own.

Raymond Dull wasn’t some teenager who got a little carried away with his date in the back seat of Pop’s LTD. He was a man who committed an intentional, violent and premeditated sexual crime. Will he do it again? Who knows? He might come out of prison and be the perfect neighbor. But he might come out of prison and rape someone you love. And he might take vengeance on the woman who reported the assault that landed him in the jug for half his life. In prison he won’t be raping anyone. Well, at least not our wives, daughters or girlfriends.

Now, old Dewey Gray, he’s another case entirely. Old Dewey hasn’t seen unfiltered daylight since 1976. And you know what? He earned every last, stinking minute of it. Take a look at what Young Dewey was up to and see if you think Old Dewey is right where he belongs.

One of Gray’s charges was “AWDWWITKISI”. No, that’s not like “LOL”, “ROFLMAO”, or some other teenage text messaging shorthand. It means Dewey committed assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill and inflicted a serious injury. Oh yeah, he was also convicted of first-degree burglary and first-degree rape. Maybe I’m weird, but that doesn’t make me “ROFLMAO”.

Dewey Gray went to his victim’s home armed with a gun and a knife. He forced his way into the victim’s home. He dragged her outside where her raped her, stabbed her and beat her half to death. At least Raymond Dull had the decency to take his victim somewhere private. Dewey Gray took his victim outside where all the neighbors could watch. Not only is he a creep, he’s stupid to boot.

Dewey has shown no signs of changing his attitude while in prison. He’s earned recognition for verbalizing threats, creating offensive conditions and for unauthorized leave. Overall, he’s been a disruptive, disrespectful, uncooperative agitator with a penchant for raping and assaulting at will. Okay, so he’s qualified to run for Congress when he’s released.

At least Cecil Morrison didn’t plan his sexual assault. At least he wasn’t convicted of premeditated rape, like so many of his possible parole mates were. It’s grasping at straws, but maybe he’s simply depraved, not someone who worked hard at perfecting depravity. He’s depraved, though; make no mistake about that.

Morrison began serving his life sentence for second-degree rape in 1977. What sent him to jail? Nothing much. He only abducted his victim, forced her into the woods and raped her at knifepoint, that’s all. Sound familiar? Oh, did I mention that the victim was a 12-year old girl whose provocation was walking home from school? Twelve years old; at least that’s three years better than Steven Wilson.

Not being a man to waste time, Cecil has made the most of his incarceration. Four times he’s been cited for provoking an assault. Twice he’s been caught stealing and twice he’s committed Class B offenses, which as previously discussed can be anything from inhaling intoxicating vapors to tampering with locks to sexual misconduct. Considering the crime that brought Morrison to this point in life don’t you think the Class B offense could be of a sexual nature? And I forgot to mention that he was a “Pre-Sentence Diagnostic.”

“Well, what’s a pre-sentence diagnostic?” you ask.

Glad you did. A pre-sentence diagnostic is an inmate who is committed to the Department of Corrections for an evaluation. You know, mental state, ability to stand trial, that sort of thing. Apparently, Morrison was found perfectly capable to stand trial for raping that little girl. So much for the “he didn’t know what he was doing” argument.

Last but not least, meet the guy who made it possible for you to meet each and every one of these fine, upstanding examples of civil behavior. Allow me to introduce Bobby Bowden. No, some FSU fans might want that Bobby Bowden thrown in jail these days. But this Bobby Bowden is everything that Bobby Bowden isn’t.

This Bobby Bowden began his criminal career with a conviction for common law robbery on February 26, 1973. He began his seven year sentence the same day. According to the NC Department of Corrections Offender Public Information website, Bowden’s projected and actual release date was one and the same, June 11, 1978. But somehow he found time to kill Larry Lovett and Normal Ehrhart in cold blood on August 7, 1975.

What does it even matter that such a discrepancy is possible? All that matters is that Bobby Bowden has argued that his sentence is complete and that he, along with everyone we’ve discussed, is ready to set up housekeeping on your cul-de-sac.

What a fine neighbor he will make. That is, as long as your idea of a fine neighbor is an antagonistic, foul-mouthed vandal. Bowden’s prison record includes them all. He damaged either state property or that of a fellow inmate in 2003. Bowden was caught with weapons in 1980 and 2003. He possessed unauthorized funds in 2005, which could’ve resulted from any sort of unseemly transaction. And during the first eight years of his murder sentence he cussed out everyone in sight and steadfastly refused to follow orders.

Let’s go to the scorecard. All told the North Carolina Department of Correction may soon unleash ten convicted rapists, seven of them first-degree rapists, on the general public. All ten, obviously, will have to register as sex offenders, which sheriff’s deputies will have about as much chance of monitoring as the Washington Nationals have of winning next year’s World Series. Five of those ten rapes involved kidnapping or otherwise abducting the victim and three of them involved the sexual assault of a minor.

Ten first-degree murderers will join them. One of those murderers was fleeing from a bank heist at the time of the killing. Two other murderers killed their victims while committing robberies. Another inmate, not content with a simple killing, committed murder in the course of both an armed robbery and a rape. Last but not least, one murderer sexually molested his victim. Whether it was pre or post-mortem isn’t clear. And who cares?

Most of these inmates had criminal records prior to their murder or rape convictions. And all of them have found trouble, although some offenses were relatively minor, while in prison. Barring unforeseen events these twenty men will be back on the street pretty soon. Like the Bachman Turner Overdrive song, “the boy’s are back in town.”

With the Holiday season fast approaching you’ll need to plan your parties and fill your guest lists. Look at it this way, politicians have done their part. They wrote the laws that could allow these violent convicts to leave prison. The least you can do is invite them to Christmas. You can decorate the tree with condoms and body bags.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We’d better jump to conclusions before it’s too late

Maybe it’s time to withdraw our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan after all. It’s obvious that our government has no intention of winning the “war on terror.” Not only are we afraid to allow our soldiers to kill our enemies, we won’t even identify our enemies.

Is it so hard to admit that we’re at war with Muslims who’ve deemed it their divine mission to convert or kill infidels? So what if only one-percent are violent radicals? That accounts for millions of radical Muslims worldwide. Even the non-radicals have given tacit endorsement to the nutcases.

What’s worse, our enemy isn’t on the other side of the globe; it’s within the military establishment that’s supposed to fight against them. Thirteen flag-draped coffins prove this point. What is our reaction? We won’t even call the Fort Hood attack what it was.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a “peaceful” Muslim, attacked his fellow soldiers, who were unarmed. Forty were wounded and thirteen killed. Now we’re told that we don’t know Hasan’s motivation for turning Fort Hood into a shooting gallery? Please!

Hasan once attended a mosque led by Anwari al-Awlaki and frequented by three of the 9/11 hijackers. Anwari himself is known to support terrorist organizations. Even now, from his current home in Yemen, he uses the Internet to spread Muslim fanaticism. Hasan, it’s said, has a deep-rooted respect for al-Awlaki.

But does the fact that Hasan worshipped in a radical mosque mean that he shared al-Awlaki’s views? Our course not. Our president sat in Jeremiah Wright’s loony bin for 20 years and didn’t hear a single sermon. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

As an army psychiatrist Hasan was charged with helping our troops adjust after concluding their combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet he had become a vehement critic of both wars. He defended suicide bombers and considered our retaliation for Islam’s attacks on us to be a war against Islam. Hasan once told colleagues at Walter Reed than non-Muslims should be set on fire, beheaded and have boiling oil poured down our throats.

But let’s not jump to conclusions.

Just before attacking Ft. Hood Hasan gave his neighbor a Koran and promised, “I’m going to do good work for god.” He was known to use his doctor/patient privilege to spread Islam and encouraged Muslims to rise up against America. He shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as he began his assault.

But let’s not jump to conclusions.

Despite evidence to Hasan’s attitude our main concern appears to be for other Muslims in the armed forces. We can’t have anti-Muslim backlash. We don’t want Muslims offended, or even suspected. It would harm our military diversity. But there’s a solution for any Muslim who might fear retaliation--get out of our military! How can any US soldier be confident that the Muslim beside him isn’t the next Major Hasan, or the next jihad warrior to roll a grenade into a crowded tent?

Call Hasan whatever you want. Call him a terrorist if you like. I call him a treasonous infiltrator and saboteur; a man worthy of death. Oddly, I hope he survives so he can face court martial and execution.

Why are we so concerned with what the “Muslim world” thinks? Muslims aren’t at all concerned with what we think. Frankly, I could care less about offending Muslims or their blood-drenched, bomb-scarred, suicidal religion. Having Muslims in our military at this point in our nation’s history is akin to accepting Soviet enlistees during the Cold War. It’s nonsense to think one’s enemies can play an integral part in one’s defense.

Our “leaders” are blind guides, lacking the foresight and courage to even identify our enemies, much less fight them. Why send troops to confront an enemy they aren’t allowed to recognize, especially within their own ranks?

No more political correctness. We’d better jump to conclusions while we still can.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Confusion on the meaning of charity

I say that America is confused on the meaning of charity. Let’s go to the dictionary.

According to Random House, charity is generous aid given to the poor. In Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law charity is “a gift for humanitarian . . . or other purposes beneficial to the public.” For something to be given it’s understood that the act is voluntary.

I also say that America is confused on the meaning of slavery. Let’s go back to the dictionary. Random House defines slavery as a state of subjugation. American Heritage reads, “the condition of being subject . . . to a specified influence.” Slavery grants a person no choice of options.

When a person contributes willingly to the benevolence of their neighbor they’ve established charity. It is spiritually pure and morally just. However, when one person is compelled via force to surrender the fruits of their labor for another’s benefit there is no charity. When government wields that force a state of subjugation is established. It’s neither just nor pure and dangerously similar to slavery.

Slavery need not be enforced with chains. Physical shackles do not typify its existence and no cotton fields are required. There is neither black nor white; there’s no race, ethnicity, or heritage of any kind. There is only misery, poverty and servitude. American political culture has so perverted charity that it allows the taking of property from one party for the benefit of another, thus we’ve rendered charity synonymous with slavery.

At some point, in the not so distant future, we could find our nation right back where it started. Not only can slavery exist, but it won’t be targeted toward any one group. It will encompass the whole of society, just as it did under the British Crown.

If we awaken as slaves in our own land, bound by the dictates of an oppressive, intrusive and unconstitutional government, who will we blame? Will it be the fault of the Democrats, or the Republicans? No, the prime author of our subjugation won’t be a political party. They will have played a key role no doubt. But we can’t place the blame solely on them.

Maybe we can blame Barack Obama, or George W. Bush, or Bill Clinton, or some other politician? Most have contributed to the demise of the American experiment. Most have used their power to expand the role of government in our lives and usurp our natural liberty and right of self-determination. But no president or politician, past or present, can take all the credit for our waning autonomy.

The Founding Fathers; they started this country. Can we blame them? Hardly. The Founders created a constitutional republic that limited the size and scope of the central government. The Constitution and its amendment process also established the means to end slavery as it then existed, although that didn’t happen as fast as it should have.

Maybe we should blame God? Absolutely not! God made man to be free, to think and to reason. This is evident throughout the Bible, wherein God repeatedly grants a choice to man. No, we aren’t compelled through divine authority to be enslaved, or to enslave one another. Nor are we compelled to think it charitable to force a person to serve the needs of their neighbor. Spiritual charity is inherently voluntary.

The blame for America’s descent toward servitude lies directly on us, the electorate. Not only have we ignored our impending chains we have openly embraced them. We have defined charity as government taking the production from one American and giving it to another. And we have lost touch with the practical definition of slavery.

We’ve become gutlessly apathetic concerning freedom and wholly ignorant of both charity and servitude. When we awaken as slaves in our own land the lion’s share of blame will fall on no one but us.